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Diabetic Supplies Reviews

Diabetic Supplies Reviews

There are many diabetic supplies available to help you accurately test your blood glucose levels and manage your diabetes effectively. Here, you will learn about glucose meters, glucose test strips, oximeters, nebulizers and other diabetic supplies and products. Maintaining health blood glucose levels can help you avoid diabetes complications. Ask your doctor about a diabetes monitoring plan that will work for your individual needs.

Today’s glucose meters and test strips are able to produce more accurate results and are key to successful diabetes management. Along with your health care provider’s recommendations, the following diabetic supplies reviews will help you determine which diabetes brand and product fits your lifestyle and health needs.

  • ECOSOX - Bamboo Diabetic Socks
    People who have diabetes should be extremely careful with their feet and try to keep them protected at all times. Keeping feet covered in high quality socks are an excellent preventative measure to reduce diabetes complications.
  • Clever Choice Comfort EZ Syringes & Pen Needles
    The type of insulin syringe or pen needle that a patient uses can play a key role in reducing painful injections. Clever Choice Comfort EZ syringes and pen needles are an excellent product which can offer virtually pain free injections.
  • Dexcom G4 Platinum Continuous Glucose Monitor
    Dexcom G4 is a new generation of CGM or continuous glucose monitoring technology. A CGM device is used to track blood sugar trends to help prevent hyperglycemia (elevated blood sugar) or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) before it becomes a severe problem. As with the Dexcom 7 (the older generation) it does not replace daily glucose monitoring but it is used in conjunction.
  • True2go Blood Glucose Meter
    This blood glucose monitor is the smallest one on the market yet it has a large display so you are easily able to read your results. It is very convenient when on the go or anywhere, is discreet and very affordable. Testing blood glucose levels provides crucial information to you and your healthcare team when deciding treatment or adjustment in treatments.
  • Magnesium Supplements
    Magnesium is found in whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds however, for some, taking a magnesium supplement is necessary. A simple blood test can reveal if your magnesium levels are within range or not and then your doctor can prescribe the amount you might need to supplement. Be aware that people with kidney problems may have a more difficult time excreting magnesium from the body and may be advised not to take supplements with magnesium.
  • Wright Prefilled Syringe Carrying Case - Pack of 2
    Fortunately, for those people who inject insulin, there is a convenient and discreet syringe carrying case available that you can simply place your prefilled insulin syringes in and you are on your way. This carrying case will fit into your pocket or purse and keeps the insulin safe against leakage.
  • ConvaTec Wound Care Products
    ConvaTec has created hydrofiber technology for wound care control. It becomes a gel on contact with the fluid. This helps dressings respond to the wound by removing wound fluid and bacteria from the wound area. This allows for improved and quick healing.
  • Mabis Daily Living Aids
    Mabis Healthcare products offer an array of tools to assist people in their daily living. These aids are designed to create an easier way to get through each day; whether it is to take medication or getting dressed.
  • Omron Pace and Distance Tracker
    The Omron Pace and Distance Tracker is excellent and simple way to use a large displayed pedometer to help increase your daily physical activity. Using a pedometer can make the exercise experience more beneficial by giving you immediate positive feedback and track your progress.
  • Calorie King Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter 2011
    The new edition of the Calorie King’s Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter provides ample information about nutrition such as weight loss tips, portion control, amount of fat to eat and ways to reduce it in your diet, sugar-free foods, healthy eating for kids and all ages, sample meal plans, exercise and calories expended by it, food journaling, eating behaviors, fiber, sodium, protein, diabetes guidelines and more. You never need to leave home without this pocketful of health.
  • Kimberly Clark Exam Gloves
    Luckily, Kimberly Clark makes exam gloves using nitrile which does not promote these allergic reactions. This is no rubber latex component since they are made from a synthetic material. The gloves are powder free and offer superior barrier protection. Nitrile exam gloves are tactile sensitive with reduced glove thickness, yet are extremely protective.
  • Mouth care and Mouth Watchers Toothbrushes
    A wonderful product by Mouth Watchers created by a Boston dentist offering quality and technology is well worth trying to help reduce mouth problem issues. They have created a line of tooth brushes that are impregnated with silver in the bristles which kills germs and bacteria within 6 hours of use.
  • Dexcom Seven Plus
    Testing your blood glucose levels is a very important aspect in diabetes care. The results of these finger pricks may still be providing limited information, however. Luckily, CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) devices are now available and allow you to see glucose patterns throughout the day.
  • BD Insulin Syringes & Pen Needles
    BD syringes are the most recommended syringes by diabetes educators because of the high quality, ease of reading the scale on the syringe, sharpness of the needle due to the lubricant coating, the stainless steel material, ease of the plunger mechanism and being free of rubber latex. BD manufactures specific insulin syringes in unit measurement along with various gauge and needle lengths.
  • Ascensia Breeze 2 Blood Glucose Monitors & Diabetes Test Strips
    There are many blood glucose monitors on the market that you may select. Making the decision can sometimes be daunting, however, when you understand the features that will make testing easier for you the choice becomes clearer. The Ascensia Breeze 2 by Bayer, Inc. has some exceptional features.
  • Ascensia Contour Glucose Meters & Test Strips
    Ascensia Contour Glucose Meters & Test Strips
    Testing blood glucose levels is critical if you want to control your diabetes. The more information you have and provide to your healthcare team, the more adjustments can be made to improve your glucose readings. There are many blood glucose monitors on the market and you need to decide which one is best for you.
    The Paradigm Revel insulin pump is a complete package that you operate with ease. Insulin pumps, in general, allow the person with diabetes more flexibility and greater control of their blood glucose levels. This particular pump offers an integrated system for the ultimate and simplest diabetes control.
  • Bayer - A1C now selfcheck - easy, affordable & accurate
    One of the most important blood tests needed to track diabetes is the hemoglobin A1C. The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial also known as the D.C.C.T. has shown us that when the A1C is between 6.5%-7%, the risks of retinopathy, nephropathy and neuropathy decrease. As the A1C rises to 7.5% and above, the chances of micro vascular changes increase leading to blindness, kidney failure and foot amputation.
  • Diachieve Skin Cream- Soothing, Hydrating and Pure
    One unpleasant side affect of uncontrolled diabetes is the presence of dry and cracked skin. Multiple problems occur due to elevated blood sugars. Due to high sugar, the body loses fluid because of frequent urination and this causes’ dehydration. The body is incapable of perspiring when it is dehydrated. Hyperglycemia can also damage nerves that produce oil. The lack of oil production makes the skin dry. Reduced amounts of oil and sweat cause skin to dry out and eventually crack.
  • The I-Port – Reduce Injections to Only Once Every Three Days
    If you have diabetes and are taking insulin injections you may want to consider the I-Port. This insulin delivery device enables you to inject less frequently and without the discomfort of several injections each day. It also may encourage you to be more compliant with your injectable medication. If you are on multiple injections each day and would prefer to inject once every three days then the I-Port may be a consideration for you! Diabetes is all about control. Food, activity, stress level and medication all need to be considered when taking charge of your diabetes.
  • The One and Only Tube-Free, Wireless, Insulin Pump - the Omnipod
    If you have diabetes and are injecting multiple times each day you may want to consider switching to an insulin pumpThe Omnipod insulin pump, also known as "the pod", is a tiny white "egg-looking" device that is very simple to use, has no wires, is very discreet and allows you the luxury of having the best control over your diabetes.
  • Delica lancet device-Less pain-just the right amount of blood
    We all wish for a lancet device that will give us an accurate blood sugar reading without the usual pain associated with the finger sticks. Research has shown us that even using alternate site testing such as the forearm, the palm of the hand, the calf of the leg or the upper thigh still requires a stick, yet the results are not always as accurate. The alternate test site can often miss hypoglycemia because of lag time. Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar can be a critical problem and cause damage if not treated in a rapid response. Also, alternate sites should NEVER be used when the blood sugar may have quick changes such as after a meal, during exercise, during an episode of ILLNESS, INFECTION, SURGERY or STRESS.
  • Omron products are consistently reliable and recommended by multiple members of the medical field
    Today, as a society, we are realizing more than ever, that we need to focus on more preventative home care. Omron has a WIDE line of products that can help us become pro-active in our daily lives and accomplish life style changes with proper guidance. We no longer have to guess about calories burned during the day, steps walked, or depend on blood pressure readings using a cuff that is not fitted for every arm like those used in drug stores.
  • Walden Farms gives you back the food pleasures you may have missed – without the guilt!
    Whether you are trying to lose weight for improved health and/or blood glucose levels or you just want to try to eat fewer calories, Walden Farms provides you with an easy choice. We no longer need to deprive ourselves or all the delicious sauces we have tried to avoid due to the high fat, calories or carbohydrates! Walden Farms offers salad dressings, marinara, seafood, alfredo, or scampi as well as ketchup, mayonnaise & veggie dips all at a cost we can afford to take advantage of! Zero calories, zero carbohydrates and zero fat! What these condiments offer are good taste, nearly all natural ingredients and Splenda as the sweetener.
  • Draw Blood Quickly, Safely and Simply With A One Touch Meter
    When living with diabetes, drawing blood is a necessary part of life. A typical one touch glucometer does the job, but the process is inconvenient, long, and painful! But these drawbacks can be eliminated with just one touch. Meter experts know that for an effective blood glucose meter and related accessories, One Touch Meter products offer an excellent choice. American Diabetes Wholesale is a leading source for all varieties, at incredibly low prices!
  • Make Injections More Effective With UltiCare Insulin Syringes
    If you’re living with diabetes, you’re no stranger to injections. But how do you know if you’re using top-quality syringes? Well, if you’re a regular customer of American Diabetes Wholesale, you can rest easy, as we carry the full line of UltiCare products! UltiCare, a medical product leader, takes the comfort, safety and convenience of its customers, both human AND animal, very seriously. Whatever UltiCare product you require, you’ll know that the entire line has been manufactured with the patient in mind.
  • Accu-Chek Meters, the Standard for Blood Glucose Testing
    How do you know which blood glucose meter is best for you? Certain factors, including time required, convenience, and pain and discomfort (well, the lack of it), apply to everyone. Both patients and healthcare experts agree that an Accu-Chek meter offers the ideal situation for drawing blood. But why choose Accu-Chek? Meters are available from many manufacturers, but by testing your levels with an Accu-Chek meter, you’ll know that you’re receiving accurate results every time.
  • Blood Drawing Vastly Improved With A Freestyle Glucometer
    If you have diabetes, you know that a glucometer is a vital to your health. With a freestyle glucometer (or glucose meter), diabetes patients can draw blood for the purpose of determining blood sugar levels (glucose) at a given time. Typically blood glucose monitoring is performed by piercing the skin with a lancet (needle). A drop of blood is then placed on disposable freestyle test strips. Next, the freestyle meter reads and analyzes the blood. On the freestyle glucose meter, the numbers are displayed in two ways: “mg/dl” (milligrams/deciliter), the traditional blood glucose meter standard, or “mmol/l” (millimoles/liter), the global standard unit for blood glucose monitoring.
  • Streamlined Blood Drawing, The Freestyle Blood Glucose Meter Way
    Whether you’ve been drawing your blood for years with a freestyle blood glucose meter or only recently, it’s only natural to think about the process’ effectiveness. After all, you repeatedly pierce your body, wait for the readings, and analyze the results, only to start measuring with the freestyle glucose meter mere hours later.
  • Faster Blood Drawing With One Touch Ultra Test Strips!
    Are you interested in speeding up blood drawing, while eliminating pain and discomfort? One Touch Ultra Test Strips mean an end to the inconveniences associated with normal blood sugar (glucose) test strips. You see, these diabetic test strips have been developed with patients’ time, convenience, and budgets in mind!
  • Transport Your Testing With The One Touch Ultra Mini
    Think of the One Touch Ultra Mini as the ultimate in blood glucose meter convenience. With a One Touch glucose meter, it’s incredibly simple to draw and analyze blood sugar (glucose), any time or place. When time is a factor, drawing blood sugar levels with a blood (glucose) meter can be problematic. But the One Touch Ultra Mini can be taken anywhere, and fits easily in a pocket or purse. When you click on American Diabetes Wholesale , you’ll find this One Touch glucose meter, and more!
  • One Touch Ultra: Many Options, Many Benefits
    Healthy diabetes management requires patience, diligence, knowledge, and of course, proper equipment. The One Touch Ultra product line includes lancets (needles), blood sugar (glucose) test strips, and glucose monitors. You may prefer the One Touch Ultra Mini, which offers quick, accurate testing. One Touch Ultra strips enable improved testing quality. And the One Touch Ultra 2, a state-of-the-art, all-inclusive system includes a glucose monitor, One Touch Ultra test strips, and painless lancets (needles).
  • Accu Chek Meters Set The Standard For Diabetes Management
    Why do you need to continually test your blood sugar levels with a blood (glucose) meter? According to the American Diabetes Association (ADA), routine (daily) blood testing, such as that with Accu Chek meters, is vital for healthy glucose management. The ADA recommends these blood glucose meter levels: 70 - 130 mg/dL2 (milligrams per deciliter) before meal and less than 180 mg/dL2 after meal.
  • Accu Chek Aviva Test Strips Promote Testing Accuracy
    One of the most widespread complaints among diabetics is the constant need to draw blood samples with glucose test strips. Essentially, the entire blood sugar (glucose) testing process involves serious drawbacks, including scheduling, convenience, pain and cost. But the introduction of Accu Chek Aviva Test Strips changed all that!
  • Take Control Of Your Diabetes With The Accu Chek Advantage!
    Today, the Accu Chek Advantage ranks among the industry’s leading glucose meters. Users of the Accu Chek Advantage appreciate its benefits, especially the convenience, comfort, accuracy, and reductions in pain. If you’re concerned about diabetes management, you should explore American Diabetes Wholesale , the Internet’s leading destination for diabetic test strips, glucose monitors, and other products.
  • Accu Chek Test Strips, The Next Stage In Blood Testing
    When you think about it, the entire process for diabetes testing is rather inconvenient, disorganized, and unpleasant. Typical blood sugar (glucose) test strips are used once, and if they’re touched, they must be discarded. So, you’re forced to purchase replacement diabetic test strips, thereby draining your bank account.